September 17, 2001

Dear Valued Client,

Last week New York City and the United States suffered a terrible blow delivered by cowards. Thousands of innocent people, their families and their friends have had their lives changed forever by these events. Our hearts go out to those that have lost their loved ones including Fred Mendez of our Shipping Department, whose Brother-In-Law remains missing at this time. In addition, we have numerous customers in the buildings and we pray that all of them are safe.

It was with heavy hearts that we performed our duties last week and remained open to service our clients. We will continue to stand ready to assist all our clients, especially those that require substantial resources to get themselves back on their feet.

We have donated to the relief efforts a variety of items from office supplies to the Armory where so many search for their loved ones to masks, bottled water, coffee and paper goods to the brave men and women who search through the rubble at ground zero. We respectfully ask that all of our clients do whatever they can to help in whatever way possible.

As New Yorkers we all know that we are capable of great things and that the greater the challenge, the more determined we become. We also know that the results of our joint efforts will exceed all expectations and that New York will come back stronger than ever. Letís promise each other that we will work together to achieve our goals and to bring peace and comfort to those that have lost so much.

Barry Siskind, Jeff Siskind, Stephen Siskind, Jeffrey Marks, Cheryl Morton, Marianela Clarke, Nebraska Kelly, Gracia Babb, Linda Pavsic, Michael Payne, Ralph Seelal, Jean Singh, Cimon Singh, Dharmaraj Singh, James Spear, Jeffrey Stern, Joan Armitage, Willie Steward, Stefan Diehl, Joan Graham, Mary Gregorio, Aurora Honig, Lisa Hyman, Lydia Jacob, Barrymore Joseph, Luis Martinez, Fernando Mendez, Raul Miranda, Jamal Ahmed, Vicki Backmon, Bibi Baig, Teyan Basdeo, Mark Bennett, Lourdes Cachola, Ruth Carrion, Dorothy Daniels, Ivan De Mendonca, Jose Diaz Martin Adolphus, Elsa Palacio

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